Phil Pressey has been working non-stop this summer trying to improve a shaky jumper. Will it be enough to help him distinguish himself in a crowded backcourt rotation?

Ask Celtics assistant coach Jay Larranaga what makes Phil Pressey successful, and the answer is clear, as he told to ESPN Boston’s Chris Forsberg:

“He is one of the most confident people I’ve ever been around. That’s one of the things you love about him…He’s never afraid of a situation. I thought he played with tremendous confidence as a rookie in real NBA games…he is a confident sucker. That’s why he has been able to have such great success in his career.”

To make it in the NBA at all, confidence is extremely important. But to make it as a 5’11” undrafted free agent, it’s paramount. Phil Pressey has it in spades. That supreme confidence is what helped him appear in 75 games for the Celtics this past year as a rookie, and start in 11 of them. It’s what helps gives him the courage to make any and every pass and know it will get there. Above all else, that self-confidence will make it so the Celtics have no choice but to find minutes for him this coming season.

What makes Pressey an NBA player is his ability to pass the ball. He is a born leader and has great court vision, consistently giving the other four guys on the court the ball in the best position for them to score. Brad Stevens preaches a fast-paced style, and Pressey has no problem pushing the tempo, putting the defense on their heels. There were concerns that he too often tried to make the spectacular play and was too daring with the ball at Missouri, but Pressey quieted those with …read more