HIGH POINT, N.C., Oct. 14, 2014 – The High Point University Poll surveyed three states – North Carolina, Colorado and New Hampshire – to gain a snapshot of how likely voters feel about several issues in different parts of the country. While the states are very similar on their stances for issues like voter identification and guns, their views vary on other issues such as spanking children.

In North Carolina, 75 percent of likely voters approve of spanking children as a form of discipline, whereas 50 percent of likely voters in Colorado approve and just 37 percent of voters in New Hampshire approve.

In Colorado, 43 percent of likely voters believe marijuana should be legal for personal use, whereas 36 percent of New Hampshire and 31 percent of North Carolina voters believe it should be legal for personal use. Likewise, 34 percent of Colorado voters believe it should be legal for medicinal use, and 45 and 40 percent of North Carolina and New Hampshire voters, respectively, believe it should be legal for medicinal use.

On gun rights, the states similarly say that more law-abiding citizens having guns would lead to less violent crime (61 percent in North Carolina, 56 percent in Colorado, and 52 percent in New Hampshire) than if guns were banned (24 percent in North Carolina, 27 percent in Colorado, and 30 percent in New Hampshire).

The states were also similar on their approval of the healthcare reform law with majorities of their populations having unfavorable opinions of the law. Majorities of the states also overwhelmingly believe voters should be required to show a photo ID before they are allowed to vote on Election Day.

Comparative results for these three surveys, including the issues mentioned here are available at http://www.highpoint.edu/src/files/2014/10/32memoC.pdf.

Likely voters – Discipline and corporal punishment of children

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