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Crash’s contract is ugly, but it’s more valuable than you think.

Gerald Wallace was stoic last season. He often moped around on the end of the bench with his hands stuffed in his face, and he almost never smiled. But neither did the Boston Celtics fans that watched him play on the court.

Many of the league’s observers consider his contract as one of the worst in the entire NBA. Wallace’s three-year, $30.3 million contract was criticized by Celtics fans in a Bill Simmons piece published on Grantland.

The Worst Contracts in the NBA
Eric in Springfield, Massachusetts: “Instead of a jersey number, could the Celtics convince Wallace to wear all the first-rounders we got in that trade on his jersey? I want to be constantly reminded that we have those picks every time I’m forced to watch him play basketball.”

Jared in Boston: “My roommate is a huge Celtics fan. He just realized that he turns 21 on the day Gerald Wallace’s contract expires and said, ‘That’s definitely the day I die of alcohol poisoning.'”

At 32-years-old, coming off of knee surgery and an underwhelming season, his contract certainly doesn’t match his talent level, but that doesn’t mean it has zero value.

To “Jared in Boston,” if you’re reading: Dying of alcohol poisoning on your 21st birthday/Wallace’s “last day” is not worth it. Trust me.

In fact, Wallace’s contract could be extremely valuable as soon as next February, but certainly during the 2015 offseason.

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