MaryJNews, NE — Marijuana in Maine has a new voice. Rep. Diane Russell is encouraging the state to get ahead of something she says is inevitable, the legalization of recreational marijuana use. The marijuana movement is sweeping across the nation, legally advancing one year at a time. She will be bringing her fourth bill to regulate and tax marijuana to the legislature. Russell believes that  there are two referendums that may be on the ballot in the next two years to legalize the drug. If those pass before the state passes a bill, lawmakers will have to scramble to set policies, which can lead to a jailbreak on rules and regulations creating a similar scene to Colorado’s recreational marijuana program. To Russell, it’s the state’s responsibility to be ahead of the game on issues such as this one.

Diane Russell has been an advocate for the legalization of marijuana for several years. Her motivation behind the support has to do with schools, seeing the positive effects this could have on the community. “It would dedicate tax revenue, significant tax revenue, to school construction so that we can make sure we’re building new schools and remodeling old schools so our children have an opportunity to have a solid education,” Russell stated to the local news.

If passed, her bill for legal marijuana in Maine will be handled similar to alcohol. Russel’s bill will require the return of liquor inspectors that also would be responsible for monitoring marijuana.


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