The Celtics are tied for (preseason) first place! Their first game was a blowout victory! We’ve got youth, we’ve got experience, we’ve got a wiz kid head coach, and we’ve got more picks than we know what to do with! Things couldn’t be better right now! I’m using way too many exclamation points and I don’t care!

Oh sure, I could bore you all with “reasonable expectations” and “realistic projections” blah blah blah. BOOOORRRRIIIINNNNNGGGG!!!

For one day, one glorious day, I’m checking my brain at the door and basking in the warming sun of blissful ignorance. In fact, I might strap on some wax wings and fly to the sun. What could possibly go wrong?

Before last night’s game even started Rajon Rondo was out on the court with a teeny-tiny little wrap on his left hand and he was sinking 3 pointers left and right. Watch out world, Rajon can shoot now! MVP, MVP, MVP!!!

Jeff Green didn’t play last night but he’s getting dive-on-the-floor lessons from Gerald Wallace now. That means all out effort plays and all world athleticism baby.

Did you see former number 2 pick Evan Turner slice up the Sixers stingy defense last night? That kid has “steal” written all over him and he’s gonna make the Sixers and Pacers kick themselves for giving up on him too soon.

Speaking of steals, Marcus Smart is going to get a lot of them this year. He and Avery Bradley are going to go whole quarters without letting opposing point guards get across half court.

Meanwhile, James Young’s range begins where he enters the gym. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he hit a shot this year WHILE checking in at the scorers …read more