Most of the talk revolving around the Boston Celtics seems to focus on which player will replace Rajon Rondo in the starting lineup, who will likely miss a handful of regular season games with a fractured left third metacarpal.

Whether it’s No. 6 pick Marcus Smart, 2013 undrafted free agent Phil Pressey, or newcomer Evan Turner, it’s certainly worthy of conversation.

But what’s more interesting is how the guard rotation will shake out after Rondo returns. Once that happens, Rondo will occupy between 30 and 38 minutes per game, which means someone is probably going to see their nightly role decrease.

Even if Smart isn’t “ready,” it’s safe to assume he’s going to receive heavy minutes due to his status as a high draft pick. Avery Bradley won’t be playing point guard, but he will certainly earn plenty of time, at least 30 minutes per game, and Marcus Thornton will play between 10 and 25 per depending on the game flow.

But then there’s Pressey and Turner, the two remaining candidates to receive playing time at point guard.

There are quite simply not enough minutes to go around once Rondo returns, and all signs point to the casualty being Pressey. Despite playing 15.1 minutes per game in 75 games as a rookie, someone has to ride the pine.

Though Pressey is a likable player, he still had a hideous 36.4 eFG percentage last season, so he needs to make drastic improvements in order to win consistent playing time over the likes of Smart, Thornton, Turner, and even James Young if he begins to carve out a role sooner than expected.

But that’s not necessarily a negative thing for the Celtics. They have a lot of talent at the guard positions, so having a solid pass-first point guard on the end …read more