The Boston Red Sox have their eyes on the prize, according to second baseman Dustin Pedroia.
Pedroia, who is 100 percent healthy after dealing with a hand injury throughout 2014, is fired up for the 2015 season. It’s reasonable to think Pedroia could experience an uptick in power, but that’s not what’s important to the four-time All-Star.
“I don’t care. Numbers are numbers,” Pedroia told’s Rob Bradford earlier this week. “We’re here to win the World Series. I don’t care about any of that. If people don’t know that by now. … We won the World Series and I hit nine home runs and everyone said I lost my power. Well, I’ll lose my power if I win the World Series. What is everyone’s job here? Win. We don’t give a crap about anything else.”
Pedroia posted several career lows offensively last season before undergoing season-ending hand/wrist surgery in September. He hit just seven homers, giving him only 16 over the last two seasons combined. It’s a far cry from the career-high 21 bombs Pedroia blasted in 2011, but the 31-year-old was restricted substantially by his ailment. Now, he’s healthy and ready to host a laser show.
“I feel normal,” Pedroia told Bradford. “I can tell just picking up a bat my hand strength is back. That’s the most important part to me. When you grab a bat, how does it feel? Can you manipulate where you want to hit the ball? It’s all back.
“I knew before I got here. You could tell. Balls come off the bat different. It sounds different. If I’m fooled and I’m out in front, I had the strength to flip it the other way or still turn on it. Those are the things I couldn’t do. … My swing is normal. My follow through is normal. There’s finish.”
Pedroia already has been showing off his power during batting practice on the back fields at JetBlue Park. It’ll soon be time to see if his improved health and his abundance of confidence translate to more success in games that matter.
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