A blowout loss on Monday Night Football led to Tom Brady taking a seat for the final minutes of a 41-14 loss, then led to a question that was unthinkable as recently as 14 hours ago: Do the New England Patriots have a quarterback controversy? The answer isn’t as easy as ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Though Brady isn’t in danger of losing his job, his recent struggles have led to a fair discussion about his future in Boston. FTW breaks down both sides of the QB controversy question.

Yes, yes they do.


1. Of course they do! The mere fact that it’s being discussed makes it so. I mean, we’re not having the same discussions about Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees, are we?

2. Tom Brady has been a bad quarterback this year — not bad in relation to his usual greatness, but bad when compared to other current NFL quarterbacks. Consider:

• His numbers are worse than EJ Manuel’s, the Buffalo Bills quarterback who was benched Monday for Kyle Orton, a quarterback who once lost his job to Tim Tebow.

• In his last six games, Brady has as many touchdown passes (6) as turnovers (3 interceptions, 3 fumbles).

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• His offensive line is terrible, yes, but the stats show Brady’s ineffective even when he has time to throw:

Tom Brady had a 61.8 passer rating and -4.2 @PFF grade when NOT under pressure vs KC. Can’t just blame the O-line.

— Pete Damilatis (@PFF_Pete) September 30, 2014

• Only two full-season starting quarterbacks have a lower passer rating than Brady in 2014.

• Brady’s passer rating, completion percentage, yards per pass and touchdowns have decreased in each of the past four years.

3. While all this is true, Tom Brady isn’t getting benched for Jimmy Garoppolo …read more