For the better part of 20 years, Derek Jeter has popped out of the Yankees' dugout ready to take on all comers, including the Red Sox.

Before his death in 2012, Red Sox legend Johnny Pesky enjoyed coming to Fenway Park when the Yankees were in town so he could say hello to Derek Jeter.

Pesky admired Jeter’s play much in the same way he did that of Joe DiMaggio. The two middle infielders, although of different generations, struck up a friendship over the years.

“He was always positive. He would say good things, like that I was one of his favorite players,” Jeter said earlier this season. “He would tell me, ‘I hope you get a hit every time up and the next guy hits into a double play.’ ”

Even the most passionate of Red Sox fans will surely feel the same way at Fenway Park on Sunday when Jeter bids farewell to baseball.

No team over the years has been more hated at Fenway than the rival Yankees. But surely no player has been more respected than Jeter.

“How could you not respect him?” Red Sox manager John Farrell said. “He has set the standard in our sport for a long time.”

Counting nine postseason games and the 1999 All-Star Game, Jeter has played 153 games at Fenway Park. That’s more than any stadium outside of the Bronx.

Since division play started in 1969, no opposing player has played more games at Fenway than Jeter. Among Yankees, Only Lou Gehrig and Mickey Mantle have played as many games at Fenway.

“Is that right? I didn’t realize that,” Jeter said. “I’ve always liked playing there. The atmosphere is great and the atmosphere is what makes it fun for us. We enjoy playing there and getting an opportunity to play in that kind of atmosphere.”

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