Red Sox backup catcher David Ross asked manager John Farrell if he could play the final game of the season on Sunday and permission was granted.

Ross understands that he may not be back with the team next season and he has greatly enjoyed his two seasons in Boston. He also wanted to play in Derek Jeter’s final game.

“It’s going to be a fun day,” Ross said.

Ross, who turns 38 in March, has hit .198 with a .655 OPS in two seasons and 85 games for the Sox. His defense, as expected, was strong but the Sox were hoping for more offensively and could seek an upgrade via trade or free agency.

Ross said he wants to play one more season before retiring. From there, he could stay home with his family for a time or coach. There’s also the possibility of a broadcast career.

ESPN has hired Ross to be part of its postseason coverage and he will spend 15 days in Bristol over the course of October offering analysis on different shows and media platforms.

Ross gained ESPN’s attention during the World Series last fall. His postgame interviews were informative and entertaining. He also is widely known and respected across the game.

Ross initially planned to head for home. But his wife, Hyla, encouraged him to take the ESPN opportunity.

“I’m looking forward to it, meeting those people there and see what it’s like,” he said. “We had such a good experience last season winning the way we did. Hopefully I can speak to that and what the teams now will be going through.”

Honoring Jeter

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