CONTROVERSIAL PROPOSAL THAT WOULD WIPE OUT SOME PENALITES INVOLVED WITH PEOPLE CONVICTED OF POSESSING POT IN THE QUEEN CITY. ONE COUNCILOR FLOATED THE IDEA TONIGHT AT CITY COUNCIL, AND IS HOPING THAT VOTERS HAVE THEIR VOICES HEARD ON THE MEASURE IN NOVEMBER. WPTZ’S RACHEL KARCZ WAS AT CITY HALL TONIGHT, AND JOINS US LIVE IN THE NEWSROOM. RACHEL? TONIGHT WAS THE FIRST WE MAY HAVE HEARD OF THIS.. BUT ITS PROBABLY NOT THE LAST.. THE REVERENDUM THAT WOULD ESSENTIALLY MAKE VOID ALL MARIJUANA CONVICTIONS IN BURLINGTON HAS BEEN TABLED. THE PEOPLE IMPACTED BY OUR CURRENT DRUG POLICIES ARE NOT THE PEOPLE RAISING THEIR HANDS AT THE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES. THEY’RE FINE, BUT THE PEOPLE THAT ARE AFFECTED ARE THE PEOPLE LIKE MYSELF, LIKE MY MOTHER AND LIKE THE CLIENTS I SERVED THE PAST SIX YEARS AN EMOTIONAL TIME AT BURLIGNTON CITY COUNCIL ON MONDAY NIGHT… At issue, what many would consider the next step in battle over marijuana use in the queen city. the people that were placed in prison were done so by the state or the federal government. And if anything should be changed, it should be changed at that level. the council is taking a look at the possibility of putting forth a referendum on the ballot. The idea is to let voters decide on a proposal that would nullify marijuana convictions in burlington. THE REFERENDUM GOES BEYOND THE STATE’S DECRIMINALIZATI ON LAWS PASSED recently THAT DECRIMINALIZED POSSESSION OF LESS THAN AN OUNCE OF POT. we have grandmas getting arrested for cannabis crimes, they’re selling hemp seeds at the grocery store. To continue to criminalize people for what is coming, and what has happened, seems absurd and it seems like something the public should have the chance to talk about. NOW, WE’RE TOLD COUNCILOR SIEGEL DIDN’T HAVE THE …read more