Another autumn, another tick on Rajon Rondo’s transaction clock.

But Celtics officials, gathered today at the Dedham Golf and Polo Club for their annual charity golf tournament, continue to express a uniform desire to keep the Celtics point guard in green long after his contract expires next July.

Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck, who has long espoused that desire, stayed on message before teeing off this morning.

“Absolutely it’s my goal to keep Rondo here,” said Grousbeck. “We all think that and I think Rajon wants to stay, and will be happy to stay. We’ll see how negotiations go. I haven’t spoken to him recently, but we don’t discuss that kind of thing. We’re looking forward to the season.”

Though Danny Ainge clearly mulled over Rondo trade possibilities this summer, the Celtics president of basketball operations said he has not taken any calls for his point guard lately.

And despite a recent ESPN video segment that portrayed Rondo as wanting to leave the Celtics, Ainge insisted he hasn’t heard anything but love for the franchise from his leader.

“There’s a lot of people who have flat-out made stuff up and it’s become a hot topic. Very credible people have made stuff up and that makes it worse,” said Ainge. “A lot of people out there still have some belief that there’s truth in the rumors. I can’t say it more emphatically. My hope is that we can have a long-term relationship. Players like Rondo are hard to find. Here we are trying to make big deals, and it’s hard to get free agents without players with some cache. Rondo is our best player, simply.

“Right now Rondo has indicated to me that he wants to stay in Boston,” he said. “He knows who his teammates are, he loves playing with Jeff, Avery and Sully, he spent a lot …read more