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Celtics CEO, governor, and co-owner Wyc Grousbeck was a guest on WBZ-TV�s �Sports Final Overtime� Sunday evening to discuss some of his charitable endeavors and, naturally, preview the upcoming basketball season.

With his team working diligently to get back to their recent days of championship contention after an offseason that lacked those promised fireworks, Grousbeck had some interesting things to say when discussing C�s captain and impending free agent Rajon Rondo.

�He�s super stubborn,� revealed Grousbeck, adding Rondo is a good, generous kid who loves being in Boston. �I don�t know how coachable he really is.

�I know if you ask [former, long-time head coach] Doc [Rivers], �Was he the most coachable guy, or in the top half, 50 percent,� he�d say, �No, he�s in the bottom 50 percent of being coachable.� It�s hard with him,� Grousbeck continued.

This, of course, isn�t the first time we�ve heard the high-maintenance, smarter-than-you Rondo can be difficult to manage on the sidelines or in practices.

The earliest reports date back to Rondo�s college days at Kentucky, when he ruffled the feathers of then-coach Tubby Smith.

Then, as recently as last month, Hall of Fame basketball writer Jackie MacMullan could be heard on a behind the scenes segment of ESPN�s �Around the Horn� telling Frank Isola there is no way Rondo � with one year and $12.9 million remaining on his current deal � would be traded to Rivers� new team in Los Angeles because, �he doesn�t like Rondo, remember that.�

If you�ve forgotten, Rivers and Rondo reportedly once nearly came to blows after the guard cursed at his coach in the locker room during a team meeting. The scuffle had to be broken up before Rivers reached his star player. According to the author of that report, Chris Sheridan, Rivers� �intense dislike� for Rondo � and not …read more