Providence, R.I. (CBS CONNECTICUT) – A candidate running to be the governor of Rhode Island has posted a campaign video in which she can be seen smoking pot from a pipe and declaring she uses the substance “every day” in a push for acceptance for cannabis across the state.

Anne Armstrong is running for the Rhode Island governorship as a write-in candidate in what her advertisement lists as part of the “Compassion Party.” She says the therapeutic uses of cannabis, including assistance for those with cancer, have been repressed by government lies.

On her Facebook page, Armstrong touts many of the health benefits of marijuana use, while debunking “a number of misconceptions” regarding its usage. Her page states: “I have a vision for our state where common sense, compassion, and cooperation can re-create Rhode Island into a place where everyone can live in abundance.”

In regards to marijuana, “It helps me. It helps me to focus. It helps me to facilitate communication. It doesn’t make people crazy, the way you’ve been told,” she says in the ad. “I hope that you will read and open your eyes and realize the truth that we’ve been lied to for a long time by our government.”

“Something that has been essential to our health has been taken away from us,” she adds.

The advertisement concludes with her smiling, lighting a bowl of marijuana, and smoking it before a hypothetical, fake ballot appears showing the options for governor as: “Same Story, Backdoor Deal, Insider or Write-in” candidates.

The use of medical — but not recreational – marijuana is legalized in Rhode Island. And possessions of small amounts of recreational become a civil violation with a $150 fine, as opposed to criminalized penalties. Although three violations within 18 months result in a misdemeanor possession charge with possible jail time …read more