Tom Brady has certainly been a focal point of attention throughout this summer for less-than-desirable reasons. His highly-publicized legal battle with the league office has dominated NFL headlines since the beginning of the calendar year and intensified in recent weeks.
At training camp here in Foxborough, the thousands of fans who’ve shown up daily to watch the Patriots practices have been vocal and demonstrative in their support of No.12, who has yet to make any public comments since NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell upheld the QB’s four-game suspension and the matter was taken to federal court in New York.
However, Brady took the opportunity Sunday to unload some of his pent-up anger and frustration on the Patriots defense.

While observing backup Jimmy Garoppolo and the second offensive unit take on the D during a goal-line drill, Brady pumped his arm and yelled, “YEAH!” several times after the offense scored on a running play. When the Garoppolo-led O appeared to score again on the next play, Brady again let the defense know about it. In particular, he seemed to be jawing good-naturedly with defensive coordinator Matt Patricia, who appeared to be disputing whether the runner actually crossed the goal line.
Brady, with a wide smile the whole time, seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself, and in the process, got his teammates fired up on both sides of the ball.
“It makes us feel good, you know,” cornerback Malcolm Butler declared. “He lets us know that he wants to come after us and get us better at the same time. It’s a unit thing, all getting better at the same time.”

“That’s what’s great about being on this team,” observed tight end Rob Gronkowski. “If you’re feeling down low, feeling tired, guess what, the guy next to you is bringing you back up. He’s working hard. That’s what gives you the motivation to push through. There’s always one teammate, or a few, always grinding, making you get through it.”
“I think it’s a little bit of competitiveness back and forth,” remarked left tackle Nate Solder, “which is good during a camp, and I think it’s going to continue as we go ahead. We’re early now, we& …Read More