In a column of NBA predictions published Tuesday, Grantland’s Zach Lowe made an educated guess the Boston Celtics will trade Jeff Green but hold onto Rajon Rondo.

Obviously, the statuses for both players are fluid. Lowe called it “a borderline 50/50 guess on both guys.” More interestingly, he shared some intel gathered on the two players:

On Rondo

Despite Rondo entering the final year of his contract, the Celtics are expected to demand a “sky-high” price for him in any trade discussions, per Lowe. They could feel compelled to lower the price around the trade deadline, when their leverage dwindles, but for now they want a lot. That meshes with A) Danny Ainge’s reputation and B) most of what has been reported before.

As Lowe noted, the trade market shouldn’t be great. A load of teams already feature good-to-great point guards. Other squads will be scared away by Rondo’s expiring contract.

“If Boston wants a big haul, it has to hope a potential Rondo suitor feels some unexpected desperation early in the season,” Lowe wrote, calling the Rockets and Kings two potential suitors.

But even with those teams, there’s no obvious trade fit. The Celtics could ultimately feel compelled to roll the dice, let Rondo hit free agency, and try to re-sign him to a long-term deal.

So yeah, nothing too much new on Rondo. My bold prediction: he either stays or he goes.

On Green

Over the second half of last season, Green’s defense wilted and his shooting percentages tumbled. But according to Lowe, the small forward would still be “easy to move” if the Celtics want.

Lowe mentioned a slew of teams — New Orleans, Washington, Toronto, Atlanta, Detroit, Houston, New York and Denver — as possible trade locations and indicated Green has “more fans across the league than you might expect.”

That would be good news …read more