The Boston Celtics made quite a few moves this offseason to help add depth to their roster. The team added a couple more guards and frontcourt players while only losing players like Brandon Bass and Phil Pressey. Despite losing those two players, the Celtics seem to have a formidable roster to compete with almost every team in the Eastern Conference, but the team is lacking offensive wings and just depth in general on the wings.
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Jae Crowder, Jonas Jerebko, and possibly Perry Jones III will make up the wings for the Celtics. Obviously the team could use some other players on the wings like James Young, Jared Sullinger, or Evan Turner, but Young is more of two-guard, Sullinger is more of a frontcourt player, and Turner is more of ball-handler. This is why the Celtics are in need of more wings, especially wings that can score the basketball.

The team cannot add any more players to their loaded roster, but the team could get rid of some of their backcourt and frontcourt to try and snag scoring wings later on in the season. They will probably not make a move before the season starts, but the team will need wings that can score the basketball and shoot well from deep.
Analysis of current Celtics’ wings
Crowder is going to get the most minutes as on the wing for the Celtics next season because of his athleticism, defensive skill, and work-hard mentality. During his time in Boston last season, Crowder played 57 games, started 17 games, and averaged 9.5 PPG and 4.6 RPG. Crowder became a vital player for the Celtics after he was traded from the Dallas Mavericks, but he struggled to shoot the basketball, especially from distance. This is where Jerebko comes in, who is an above average three-point shooter.
Jerebko played most of his games for the Detroit Pistons last season, but he certainly thrived for the Celtics off the bench. He averaged 7.1 PPG and he shot 40.6 percent from deep, which is pretty impressive. He is not very good on the defensive end and he cannot create his own shot very well, but he can knock down the long-ball, which is something the Celtics need.
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Both Jerebko and Crowder are going to play the most meaningful minutes on the wing for the Celtics, while Jones, Sullinger, …Read More