Is Vitor Faverani’s roster spot in trouble?

Well, maybe. Let’s run down why:

1. The Boston Celtics have one too many players on guaranteed contracts. They need to trim the roster before the regular season begins.

2. On-court issues. Faverani holds at least some potential to help the Celtics – he’s tall, blocks shots, and once notched 12 points, 18 rebounds and six blocks in an NBA game – but struggled for most of last year. After his nice early-season production dropped off a cliff, the Celtics — who desperately needed a real center — opted to send him to the D-League. And let’s be honest: How many 26-year-old D-League centers pan out?

3. Off-court issues. Faverani vows he didn’t drive drunk this summer, but Spanish reports indicate he ran through a red light and hit a bus with about three times the legal alcohol limit in his system. If the Celtics were considering whether to get rid of Faverani already – after acquiring rookie Dwight Powell, they could be – the allegations don’t help his case.

4. Sportando is reporting the Celtics are considering waiving Faverani. Another option (this is a guess) might be the Fab Melo treatment: Pay cash to trade him for a nonguaranteed contract. But the Celtics made the Melo move to get out of luxury tax territory. They could eat Faverani’s contract and still not need to pay the tax. This season is his last guaranteed year.

5. Faverani could need knee surgery this week. MRIs have been inconclusive, but, because of persistent swelling and soreness, doctors could opt for surgery. Oddly enough, similar circumstances unfolded last season. Why do MRIs continue to show so little?

6. The Celtics like Powell. They know he needs work. But they watch the way his long frame disrupts opponents, view him diving and …read more