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General manager Ben Cherington said several times on Friday he envisions the Red Sox quickly becoming a very good team. Go ahead and laugh, it sounds ludicrous.
The Red Sox are the worst team in the American League, the product of a mistaken belief they could outsmart the competition by investing more in their lineup than the pitching staff. It was a bad idea in December and looks even worse now.

“It’s safe to say at the end of July that we were wrong at the beginning of the season as to what this team could do,” Cherington said. “We’ve been in the process of trying to figure out why that is and we’ve got to fix it and play better baseball. The play hasn’t been nearly good enough.”
That process did not advance before the non-waiver trade deadline came on Friday afternoon. The Red Sox traded for Ryan Cook, a righthanded reliever Oakland gave up on in May and sent to the minors. Beyond that, Cherington was largely a spectator as other GMs made a flurry of moves.
One major league source suggested the Red Sox never came close to a big trade. But the timing of change doesn’t really matter, as long as there is change.

Red Sox do ‘a whole lot of nothing’ at trade deadline
The Sox made one minor move, acquiring minor league righthanded reliever Ryan Cook from the A’s.

“It’s incumbent upon us to make real improvement between now and Opening Day,” Cherington said. “We didn’t feel like it had to be this week. We went into it with the mind-set of we’re going to pursue things that we think fall in line with ways we need to improve.”
During a 25-minute session with reporters in the dugout at Fenway Park, Cherington said he knows what has to be done and that some long-term teardown plan isn’t required.
“I think it’s pitching and defense. I see the two as connected,” Cherington said. “We need to improve in both areas. Some of that undoubtedly will have to be with some additions from outside. We think we know more about what those possibilities might be now than we did …Read More