SAN FRANCISCO – It’s rather stunning, if not amusing, how A.J. Pierzynski has gone from Red Sox pariah to Cardinals good guy.

In the National League Championship Series, Pierzynski has already helped Adam Wainwright with a flaw in his delivery, has schooled the Cardinals’ hitters on Jake Peavy, and inspired Kolten Wong to hit a walk-off home run in Game 2 by kidding with him to use his “base hit” swing before he came up in the bottom of the ninth Sunday night.

Pierzynski even started Game 3, catching John Lackey after St. Louis lost Yadier Molina to an injury. He got booed by Giants fans, who also don’t like him after he played there in 2004.

“He cares so much about all of us. He wants us to succeed,” Wong said.

Guess Pierzynski isn’t using his cell phone too much in the Cardinal clubhouse.

From the It’s a Small World file: Bob Schaefer, a Washington Nationals special assistant to the GM, used to officiate Giants bench coach Ron Wotus’s high school basketball games in Colchester, Conn.

Hotel rooms in San Francisco are going for about an average of $700 per night because it’s a big convention week and the baseball playoffs are here. I asked one Marriott property if they were sticking to it and they said yes. Who pays that?

When does management stop blaming hitting coaches for multi-millionaire players not hitting? Carlos Beltran, Mark Teixeira, and Brian McCann didn’t hit well for the Yankees because Kevin Long messed them up? Long is on the wish list of a few Red Sox veteran hitters, who think he’s one of the best hitting coaches in baseball.

Here’s the mailbag:

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