MaryJNews — New Jersey officials have now granted permission for the fourth licensed dispensary to start independently grow medical marijuana. This production step is in efforts to start offering medical marijuana products to patients in the spring of 2015.

The Health Department issued the permit to Breakwater Alternative Treatment Center in Cranbury Township on Friday. Breakwater Alternative Treatment Center does not have a location to cultivate yet.

For a long five years now, New Jersey has had a law in place allowing medical marijuana. New Jersey picked six nonprofit groups to cultivate and sell marijuana. Due to the drafting and redrafts of state regulations, dispensary openings in New Jersey have been a slow process. The first one opened two years ago and since then two others have joined._PotTracking1

Around 3,400 patients are registered with the program and 364 physicians across the state are registered to be allowed to recommend medical marijuana to patients. With such a large population along with the explosive discoveries of cannabis as a legitimate form of medicine, the demand may far outweigh the outlets.